Complete range of machines and tools

Specialist in custom work

A specialist is needed to process foam optimally to the desired appearance and correct application. The processing and coating of this material requires expertise and experience. In addition, the necessary materials such as tools and machines are needed to achieve the intended result.

To realise high-quality foam applications, IFG has a complete machine park and specialised tools at its disposal. All projects and activities are carried out entirely in-house and therefore IFG can meet any demand.

IFG has an extensive range of machines for processing foam. This varies from hand tools to CNC-controlled machines. The showpiece in the production hall is the 5-axis CNC milling machine. Based on the designs created with high-quality drawing programs, this machine performs all operations fully automatically. Foam processing knows no limits for this advanced milling machine. Other forms of 3D processing are also possible with the range of machines: horizontal/vertical contour cutting, shape cutting, profiling, laminating, punching, milling, thermal forming, etc.