Vanderwilt Techniques B.V.

VANDERWILT techniques bv in Boxtel is a development and engineering company specialising in the sale and MDR certification of products for nuclear medicine and radiology. Amongst other things, it supplies foam patient positioning products. VANDERWILT techniques has worked closely with IFG in this field for more than 25 years.

We spoke to owner Gijs van der Wilt about this pleasant collaboration. He says: “We specialise in the development and production of innovative and customised products that we supply to hospitals and universities. For this production it is important to work with experienced ISO-certified partners who have the right know-how to translate the wishes and requirements of our customers in the right way. We have found this in IFG.”

Van der Wilt explains what kind of items are involved. “Together with hospitals, we invent, design and certify products for the positioning and stabilisation of patients on medical scanners. Think of head and knee supports or a mammography mattress. With the help of these products, the patient can lie properly still and the desired body part can be properly imaged. The products must also meet certain requirements that apply in the medical world. They have to be compatible, they have to be easy to clean and they are not allowed to cause allergic reactions. IFG can offer this by using the right combination of foam and a self-developed coating. I think IFG is currently one of the few companies that can realise this in this way. Another plus point is that sustainability is high on the agenda at IFG. That means, among other things, that as little material as possible is wasted and that the products last for a long time.”

Throughout the year, there is regular contact between IFG and VANDERWILT techniques, and as soon as the development of new and/or complex(er) products is involved, Van der Wilt joins IFG at the table. According to Van der Wilt, this is always a very smooth process. “We have a preliminary meeting in which we indicate what kind of new product we are working on and soon a prototype is created, after which we coordinate the production. This works very well, because IFG can match both the design and the production with the design. The professional attitude of the company is also very good. That is mainly because of the way they look at production and quality. This awareness of quality is important, especially in the medical sector in which we operate. It is partly the reason why we are growing, because our customers are looking more and more to sustainability and quality.”

Glober koffers B.V.

Whether it is a presentation case or a sturdy waterproof case for transporting products, the company can meet almost all requirements.